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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 26, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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they are men and they are women. >> we impose the will of the people. >> history is going to be made, good or bad. the issue of gay marriage goes before the united states supreme court. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. live picture tonight of san francisco city hall this is where it all started. nine years ago when officials
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challenged the status quo by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the debate unleashed by that act of civil disobedience has found its way to the highest court of the land. david stevenson was inside the courtroom in washington, d.c. today as supreme court justices heard arguments and asked questions about the constitutionality of c alifornia's ban on same-sex marriage. >> reporter: as hundreds rallied on the streets of washington, d.c., u.s. supreme court justices asked tough questions on the constitutionality of california's prop-8 same-sex marriage ban. marriage traditionally has served as a vehicle for procreation. >> suppose the state said, because we think that the focus of marriage really should be on procreation, we're not going to give marriage licenses anymore to any couple where both people are over the age of 55. would that be constitutional? >> no your honor it would not
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be constitutional. >> reporter: theodore olson the attorney for same-sex marriage advocates clashed with one justice over the history of marriage and when gays and lesbians became excluded. >> i want to know when it became unconstitutional. >> it seems to me you ought to be able to tell me when. >> i submit you've never required that before. >> reporter: justice kennedy the expected swing vote expressed skepticism on whether the court should even hear the case. but he also expressed sympathy for the children of same-sex couples. >> they want their parents to have full recognition and full status. the voice of those children is important in this case, don't you think. >> two of those children the 18- year-old twin sons of cindy spear and kristin perry attended the hearing with their moms. >> i just want to say how incredibly proud we are of our parents. >> reporter: this was the first of two major hearings on same- sex marriages, the justices
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tomorrow hear arguments opposing and in support of the federal defense of marriage act. in washington, d.c., david stevenson, ktvu news. more details now that federal defense of marriage act or doma was signed into law by president bill clinton back in 1996. it defines marriage as between a man and a woman and excludes same-sex couples from receiving the same federal benefits at straight couples. an 83-year-old widow is filing the law as discriminatory. although recent polls show the majority of americans support same-sex marriage there's a minority opposition that believe the union should be between a man and a woman. both sides gathered to have their voices heard. some of those ralliers traveled from north carolina. one man told us he based his
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position on same-sex marriage on religious views. >> we believe that the bible is right. god ordained the institution of marriage when he created adam and he created eve, yes, sir. >> reporter: while a demonstration outside the supreme court were loud they were peaceful and there were no reports of injuries or arrests. our team coverage continues now with heather holmes. she's live in san francisco tonight and tells us legal analysts predict the broad discussion may lead to a narrow ruling. heather. >> julie same-sex marriage supporters gathered out here tonight for a vigil. despite what was being said today during today's 80 minute session they still like their odds. burning bright tonight among this crowd is the hope that same-sex couples will soon be allowed to marry again in california. >> feeling excited and exuberant about what could be
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and what may be. >> reporter: the decision is now in the high court. from justice scalia's comments. >> when did it become unconstitutional to exclude homo sexuals from marriage? when did the law become this r. >> reporter: to justice kagan's question somewheres if you are over the age of 55 you don't help us serve the government's interest of reglating marriage. i can assure you that both the woman and the man over the age of 55 there's not a lot of children coming out of that marriage. >> reporter: a common question is whether or not the sponsors of california's gay marriage ban have legal standing to defend it. >> what suggests to me there's a real possibility the court will end up not issuing some broad ruling. >> reporter: uc davis law
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professor vic amar says the position indicates the justices may rule this case should have never been litigated in the legal courts. allowing gay marriages to resume in california. but a mar of caution, the debate doesn't always predict the outcome. >> i would not bet on this one in any particular way. >> reporter: and with the justices reluctant today to take a clear stand on the issue the next few months will undoubtedly be filled with anticipation from both sides. proposition-8 has its greatest support in the suburbs. today we went to contra costa county and found people still divided. >> same-sex couples should have every right that married couples have. however i have a word with -- a problem with the word marriage. >> everyone deserves equal opportunities, equal treatment under the law. and this is something that i
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think that the united states needs to continue to move forward in. >> reporter: a poll from cnn just yesterday found that 53% of americans think same-sex marriage should be legal that's up 15% from a year ago. as the supreme court takes on the issue of same-sex marriage. let's take a look at the controversial issue by the numbers. according to 2011 ucs study there's about 9 million gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. 142, that's the number of days in 2008 that same-sex marriage was legal in california before voters banned it with proposition eight. roughly 18,000 same-sex couples in california got married during that 4-1/2 month period when it was legal. be sure to go to for more on the tug of war of
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marriage. police in san jose have released a sketch of a woman who may have stole a truck yesterday. the suv and the baby have been returned. they described the person of interest as latina and possibly in her late 30s or early 40s. the baby's mother told police she saw an unfamiliar woman in front of her home as she loaded things inside the jeep just before the car and baby disappeared. okay -- oakland police want your help for a possible child predator. the man walked into the front of the home and tried to abduct a 9-year-old girl. the man fled in a silver honda. an 8-year-old girl is recovering tonight after surgeons removed an arrow from her leg.
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someone shot her during a class field trip to berkeley's lawrence hall of science. campus police think the arrow was shot from the neighborhood just north of the complex. the girl was hit just after 10:00 a.m. while playing outside at a whale replica. >> it was an arrow, it was a regular arrow. not a toy, a regular arrow. it was stuck on her leg. it wasn't poking out one side it was just in and stuck in there. >> reporter: investigators are trying to reconstruct the arrows trajectory. it's possible it came from a cross bow. police are canvassing the area to find out if anybody saw anything. we want to show you a live picture of the bridge. you can see the new signature tower in the center of your screen. caltranss tells us 31 giant volts have cracked after the nuts on them popped lose. there will be a meeting tomorrow of the metropolitan commission to discuss this problem. these bolts range from 9 feet
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to 17 feet long. caltrans says it is working on the problem and may need to replace all 238 of the bolts. it also says the issue should not delay the planned opening of the span on easter day. ktvu's patti lee is live at the bridge and tells us in just two hours toll collection will be fully automated. >> they are starting to unveil new signs here at the toll plaza. just beside them in the booth they're painting the windows international orange. for drivers who don't know -- and that is so that drivers who don't know about the change of the system will be looking for toll takers. this is the last time you will be seeing a human being in the toll booth. >> reporter: how is it going? >> hey we're hanging in there. >> reporter: on this last day
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on the job the hardest part has been saying goodbye. >> it's so nice to hear the public express themselves to us, yeah. especially on such a difficult day. >> reporter: after midnight the system will switch to an all electronic toll way. >> i was picking up my transponder because all of my friends at the golden gate bridge are going to be gone as of today. >> reporter: many tell us they'll miss the tradition of paying it forward by paying the toll for the driver behind them and the human connection that it represents. others say they can't believe it has taken this long to automate the old system. >> i don't understand why. there's so many people that are waiting to go through. >> reporter: the spokeswoman for the bridge says the change will save money. $16million over the next eight years. and time. by easing congestion. >> you can just imagine all the traffic not stopping, that's going to move things much more quickly. >> reporter: the new signs you
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see right now will change in about two hours to warn drivers to not stop here at the toll plaza. but the bridge spokeswoman who is here right now tells me that despite all of this outreach, she knows there will be drivers who won't know what to do come tomorrow morning. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu news. the long awaited devil slides slide bypass tunnels will open to the public tomorrow morning. a major road shut down and businesses evacuated for a police stand off. >> they were shooting bullets, probably 15 bullets. >> the trick that the suspects tried to use to elude police. >> to ban or not to
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s.w.a.t. teams were called to a seven hour stand off. the police stand off began at about 10:00 this morning at the morgan hill inn on monterey street between cosmo and tenan avenue. that's where matt keller is live with exclusive pictures from inside the motel room where two people were held up. >> reporter: in just the past hour workers at the morgan hill in have used sheets to cover the damage left inside.
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but police are just happy no one was hurt. >> reporter: the wait was over the s.w.a.t. team decided it was time to take action by releasing tear gas after a seven hour stand off with a wanted parolee and a woman barricaded inside adjoining rooms. >> there was a pop, pop, pop. pop. then they waited a while, then pop, pop, pop. about 17. >> reporter: a few minutes later we watched as police walked the suspect and woman out in handcuffs. police gave us these photos of aaron florez and erica madrid. this all started when the two stole a nissan from the hotel. >> when they initially knocked, the woman said hold on let me get dressed then you heard them
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barricade themselves. >> reporter: you can see the mess that was left behind and the damage done to the windows from the tear gas. a busy stretch of monterey road was blocked for hours. many people watched the police action saying this really happens here. >> it's rarely low key, really nice area. >> usually nothing happens here. >> reporter: no gun was found in the motel room but they did find a replica firearm in the vehicle. the couple faces several charges. they are still considering what charges if any to file against madriz. police are ramping up patrols of the richmond b.a.r.t. station. while the person who shot and killed a man at that station remains at large. the contra costa times reports
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that several undercover police will ride the train system. the former ymca building is now the kelly cullin community. it hosts 172 studio apartment units for the chronically homeless. >> it's a social problem that we actually know what the solution is. the solution is permanently affordable supportive housing. >> reporter: the building also has a clinic and social services the project is the city's largest ever affordable housing renovation. several blocks away san francisco mayor ed lee showed up today to enjoy a cup of joe as a new coffee shop opened its doors in the tenderloin. today was the ribbon cutting for phil's coffee at golden gate and larkin.
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mayor lee says it reflecting the neighborhood's revitalization effort. the mayor also says there's $500,000 in grant money available for improvements to store fronts and nonprofits in the tenderloin. an overnight fire that destroyed 20 units was apparently cooking related. no one was hurt but a pregnant woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution. firefighters say two units in the fourplex were moderately damaged. a major change involving fire retardants in furniture may be coming to california. after decades environmentalists feel they are about to win the fight. >> reporter: one mattress treated with flame retardant the other is not. the chemicals have been used in california since the 1970s. firefighters are among those
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who want the chemicals stopped. tony stefani says he was diagnosed with cancer. using not a flame but smoldering fire. >> what the upshot of that means is that manufacturing will not have to use chemicals in the foam in furniture if they do not wish to. >> reporter: representatives of the american chemistry council denied flame retardants are toxic but would not go on camera with us. in a statement it said flame retardants are a critical element for fire retardants and they must get approval from the fda. this new effort does not require legislation. >> i believe we have a governor now that understands both sides of the issue and i believe he's prepared to do the right thing and it looks like it's going to happen. >> reporter: the tag on this
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children's chair says bulletin 117. that means it's passed flame retardant test. but-- 2013 would not have the flame retardant retardant chemical s if the law is adopted before the fall. ken pritchett, ktvu. a few clouds out there today. a few spots got into the 70s. temperatures tomorrow a little cooler, more clouds. here's how the computer model sees it. it's partly cloudy, full cloud cover moving in late tonight. look at some of these areas of blue pop up. that's a chance of light sprinkles and drizzle. this is why there's a slight chance. it looks like it's no big deal but there's moisture in the area. more clouds. clearing up a little in concord and still scattered sprinkles. when we come back we will break
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down the weekend. a new report suggests steep cuts in education funding are driving students away from california community colleges resulting in the lowest enrollment rates in two decades. according to reports, since $15 billion for cuts since 2008. community colleges have reduced classes and staff. the report found the community college system has lost a half a million students since 2009. hp pavilion may get a new name. why city leaders are looking for a new corporate responser. a monumental business deal the concessions made to keep samsung in silican well, well, well.
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is just 99 cents a pound. let's bake. safeway sugar is $1.97 for four pounds. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. the city of san jose and
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high tech giant samsung agreed to a monumental deal. it means more jobs for the city. san jose had to make unprecedented concessions to keep samsung from moving to texas. samsung completed a big deal today and it is a big deal for everyone involved. samsung plans an expansion from 200,000 to 700,000 square feet. it'll be a state of the art research and development site. today samsung thanked san jose and the economic department. >> our vision to constructing a landmark building in san jose as you can see here is a testament to our commitment. >> reporter: the mayor admitted what a battle it was between
11:55 pm
san jose and texas. >> reporter: but high tech analyst rob endely said san jose had a big advantage. >> they want to be close to apple, they want to take apple's employees. >> reporter: while more cities are hurting, companies are being courted. >> there's probably another state today looking for company that is will move to their state. >> reporter: that could mean up to $23 million in revenue and they also say it's a reminding that in dealing with silican valley sometimes you have to spend money to make money. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. hp pavilion may soon be renamed. a tech blog is reporting meg whitman wants out of the arena naming contract. the deal is scheduled to end in 2016. the wall street journal blog all things d says software
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company sap wants to take over the naming rights. it's founder is also the majority owner of the san jose sharks. team mobile made several major announcements including planning to start selling the apple iphone 5. team mobile says its service plans are less expensive than at&t and verizon starting at $18 a month. the company plans to end the practice of long term contracts. the san francisco company says it's the latest in the series of denial of service attacks targeting mayor u.s. banks. a hacker group upset about a you tube video portraying the profete muhammad in what it calls an unfavorable way.
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positive economic reports sent wall street higher today. the dow rose 111 points. the nasdaq gained 17. rising home prices sent stocks upward. wal-mart plans to install lockers at certain stores. shoppers can buy a product online and then have it stored in the locker. they are then e-mailed a password and can go to the store to pick up the item. the pilot program will be collected in about a dozen stores in an undisclosed market. plus an east bay city debates a ban on marijuana
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the u.s. supreme court had more on its agenda today than proposition eight. they also ruled that police cannot take a police dog without a court ruling. the case centers around the search of a suspected drug dealers home where a police dog sniffed out marijuana while sitting on the porch. the dogs response to the aromatic evidence led to a search warrant and arrest. a decision tonight on a story ktvu has been following for months regarding outdoor growing of marijuana. amber lee is now in concord where the city council has taken a stand but those on the other side of the issue say the fight is not over yet. amber. >> reporter: we're at concord city center, it was unanimous,
12:01 am
the council voted 5-0 to ban the outdoor cultivation of marijuana. at concord todos santos park, the sign says, where families come first. >> this becomes a magnet for other people to come into the area from surrounding communities. >> reporter: neighbors plaints about the marijuana cultivation in this yard in a residential neighborhood brought the matter to city leaders attention. tonight chris olson the property owner tell us he will fight the ban. >> seeking legal lawsuit actions and going to my lawyers and follow it that way because it's constitutional offensive. >> reporter: opponents outnumbered the supporters. this 80-year-old man says he suffers from back pain and arthritis. >> i don't smoke to get stoned or anything i smoke to relieve myself of the pain. >> reporter: the pain doesn't
12:02 am
outlaw indoor growths, but the growth bans grows that you can see through a window. he say it is ban would hurt patients. >> it would ultimately make the price more expensive. it would increase the criminallalty associated with it. >> it's an invitation for break- ins and robbery. >> reporter: a ban is expected to go into effect in about two months, violators before sited for public nuisance and may face fines. live in concord, amber lee, ktvu news. tonight santa rosa police are investigating a bank robbery that may be related to a recent string of robberies. today's robberies happened around 2:00 p.m. inside the safeway on mendecino avenue. the robber demanded cash, took it and left. no one was injured and no weapon was displayed.
12:03 am
within the last half hour, sacramento city council voted 7- 2 in a deal to keep the kings in sacramento. a new arena is to be built downtown. proponents of the deal say not only should it keep the kings in sa kra sacramento, but it can revitalize the area. david petraeus is making his first public speech tonight since he quit as head of the cia because of an extramarital affair. the retired general is appearing at a dinner. he apologized to the affair and he said he deeply regrets the
12:04 am
affair that hurt the cia and his marriage. pierson is 53 years old and a veteran secret service agent. the agency has been under scrutiny after a prostitution scandal during the president's visit to columbia last year. in news of the world, in north korea national television announced the military is at its highest level of combat alert ready to attack the united states. analysts say kim jung un may be trying to enhance his military credentials. in china, first there were dead pigs now dead ducks. about 1,000 dead ducks have been found floating in a river in a south western province. the river is not used for drinking water, but a river where 16,000 dead pigs were recently found is a source of shanghai's water supply. officials insist the water is safe but many people are not
12:05 am
convinced. and in peru the government reclaired an environmental state of emergency in a remote area of the amazon. there are high levels of led and chromium. and the minister blames the company's oil company plus petro for the contamination. that company denies any responsibility. the legal troubles are not over for amanda knox. she is the young seattle woman convicted then acquitted of murdering her roommate in italy. the italian supreme court overturned her acquittal and ordered knox to stand trial again. knox has spent four years of a 26 year sentence in prison. she was freed in october 2011 and returned to washington state. her attorney said he was surprised and frustrated by the turn of events. >> we went through this already. we don't know exactly what else can be discussed in this case. >> knox does not have to be present at the new trial and there have been no word yet if
12:06 am
italy will ask for her extradition. the family of the victim says they are pleased with today's ruling. the milestone pge is expected to reach. >> and a shooting in the east bay. why the crime scene was all too familiar to the victim's family. unsettled weather takes aim at the bay area. when you can expect to see some sprinkles in the
12:07 am
12:08 am
an oakland family is grieving the death of a woman gunned down today in front of a west oakland market. ktvu's paul chamber spoke to
12:09 am
the victim's family. >> reporter: 29-year-old kimberly harvey celebrated her birthday just two weeks ago. >> she was a really happy person. you know she didn't really fool with nobody. no confrontations. >> reporter: she was studying to become a mortician but that all came to an end this morning. as harvey was gunned down near the intersection of west and p era lta street in west oakland. >> when police arrived they discovered a female. she was laying on the street she had subcomb to gunshot wounds.
12:10 am
>> i said, the same exact spot her brother was killed. >> reporter: her son's killer was never found. which makes her have little faith they will find the killer of her daughter. he was wearing a black jacket, a beanie and pair of pants. he was seen leaving in a toyota that was either silver or gold. investigators say it's not yet clear if a man found engulfed in flames today was killed or committed suicide. police received several calls before 4:00 a.m. about something burning over a pedestrian overpass. when firefighters arrived they found the man on fire. because of the significant burns police said they could not determine the age or
12:11 am
ethnicity of the man before an autopsy was performed. a 32-year-old man was shot friday night on harbor way near bay front drive. today the coroner identified the victim as pan. pan's mother-in-law was unloading her car when two thieves tried to rob her. pan came out of the house to help her and was fatally shot. pg & e says 57,000 miles of pine line will be complete by mid-april and hundreds of shut all valves will have been installed. the utilities still needs to address a number of other safety recommendations made by the national transportation safety board following that deadly explosion. in two minutes. >> i'm a little disappointed. >> the new devil slide tunnels
12:12 am
are open. but hear
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the reviews are in for the new devil slide bypass tunnels that opened before dawn this morning. ktvu's john fowler tells us what coastal residents thought as they made their first trip through the mountains. >> reporter: open today and busy. the new tom lantos tunnel got differing reviews one occasional driver told me he's disappointed. >> i'm a little disappointed just because of the view. there's no view anymore. it was nice. it was nice to look out at the ocean and see all the stuff. >> reporter: be but after decades of rock slides on rout,
12:15 am
regulars could not be happier. >> it was a nightmare. we're looking forward to the civility the tunnel is going to offer to us. >> reporter: already today busier than a usual tuesday. >> the tunnel is open now things are going to happen around here and it's going to be great. great for the community. >> it's great to have it open. it would be cool to still have the access to the highway as well. they can maybe open it up at a park. >> reporter: the highway will be a bike and hiking trial along the once treacherous cliffless. the park and trail are to be built over the next couple of months. on devil's slide, john fowler. it's tsunami awareness week. and the scientists say an earthquake of magnitude eight on the cascadius sub duction zone could cause great damage
12:16 am
to california. the usgs says a quake that size could trigger a tsunami with waves up to 25 feet high. the dragon capsule was carrying scientific material. space x has a contract with nasa for supply missions. this was the second mission to the space station. it turned out to be one of the driest days in san francisco. it continues that way. pretty dry around here. no major rain coming our way. you see the pacific it's lit up with activity. but most of that activity is focused toward us. spin the radar and you see there's not much going on toward us. there's no rainfalling in the bay area. we do see clouds increasing
12:17 am
tomorrow morning and a chance for some sprinkles as we go into the morning hours. i'm going to show you on the computer model, right now we have temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. that's because the cloud cover so it's kind of mild outside as you move about tomorrow and tomorrow morning. you wake up and it's not cold but it may be chilly. overnight lows are going to be low 40s, mid-40s kind of thing. so the computer model for tomorrow, you see all the moisture coming in. this is tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. it starts to move in off the coast. this will be wide sprinkles, widely scattered showers at best. i think it's mostly sprinkles and drizzle. we go into the noontime and things in the area we have to keep it in the forecast. looks like there's clearing. at 5:00 it keeps coming but low sprinkle activity up in santa rosa. it's not a deal breaker for the day but know that showers are going to be in the forecast all day tomorrow. the increasing clouds, a chance of a sprinkle in the morning hours but really light chance. don't change your plans,
12:18 am
extended forecast calls for continued unsettled weather. right into the bay area the holiday weekend. the weekend looks like the most opportune time for real showers. as we go through tomorrow. a chance for showers in the morning. thursday, friday, saturday sunday, more of the same expect saturday and sunday the low pressure that moves in will have a little bit more umph for showers. this is the long range shower wednesday at 5:00. here's the lowest tracking. this is the main umph for the weekend. there's thursday at 5:00. there's friday at 5:00. and it starts to kick in. there's some showers saturday, there's some showers sunday and then the thing moves out on monday with scattered showers in the mountains. it's kind of not an easy forecast just based on the movement of that low. but sufficed to say, just keep the umbrellas handy as we go through the week and the bay
12:19 am
area weekend. 66 in napa. your forecast high in the santa clara valley. 65 in san jose, 67 in livermore. rain we need. might get some showers on the weekend but rain we don't see it. things are changing hourly so we'll watch this for you. it'll be nice if some of this will turn into some measurable precipitation but i think whatever we get is going to be nuisance showers. at least until saturday and sunday. even then it doesn't look like much. >> it's not going to fill the buckets. >> it's not going to fill the buckets. >> i know you're watching it. >> thanks, bill. the historic point rays seashore hroápblg in limas is on sale but the cost is $9.7 million -- seashore lodge in limas. the owner says it's selling the property so he can finally retire. the sale includes a restaurant and two cottages on the property. an nba legend and one of
12:20 am
the most famous allumni of mcclema high school returned to his stomping grounds. barnes and jack unveiled a new team room, weight room and aerobics room. if basketball stars also revealed a wall of champions highlights the school's athletic history. >> russell attended from 1949 to 1953. can stanford women's basket bat move on to the sweet -- basketball move on to the sweet 16. >> plus a mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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the ad says winning takes care of everything. it is nike's latest advertising featuring tiger woods on
12:24 am
facebook and twitter. all right we know basketball is over for men in the bay area. college basketball but not for the women. >> tiger's alma mater doing all right no question about it. what we saw tonight from stanford you might call it the trickle down effect. coach alvira has asked her players to take some of the pressure off agumike. and pinkle from way downtown one of five threes she hit. she hit seven out of 10 shots. she had it going as witnessed by that thing rolling around and going down. and stanford just rolls michigan. that's her dad who happens to be the head men's coach in montana. on to the sweet 16 with the cardinals. youngsters in the nba they don't always have the best grip on history but there are a few names that will get them to pay some attention. bill russell would be one of
12:25 am
those names. the great hall of famer who grew up in the east bay followed the warriors was at last night's victory. that was quite a treat when coach jackson asked him to impart a few words of wisdom to the team. >> we were not going to practice today but once we got the word that he was going to come out and give a few words. practice was planned. there's not many people that i would do that for but it's just been a great day. soccer enthusiasts would tell you it was a great game. those on the fence, come on give us some story. wherever you stand a scoreless tie justs to be good news for team usa. with mexico in mexico city. mexico with 15 corner kicks comes closest to scoring here. chicharito missing a great chance and that was pretty much
12:26 am
it. it ends 0-0. mexico not happy with that. it's their third consecutive draw which dumps them second to last in their decision. usa earns the point in the world cup qualifier but it started today. áf they would be in. here's your american fool quiz of the night. name anybody on the oakland raters besides palmer and mcfadden -- oakland raiders besides palmer and mcfadden. kramer is going to go tomorrow. the defensive lineman will be cut lose tomorrow most likely. kelly has been with oakland for all of his nine years in the nfl. he will certainly find a job elsewhere. every year at this time it's proven. spring training way too long. get on with the real stuff already. and ready for that stuff is cespedes. starting to hit the long ball with more regularity out there in the cactus league. the a's take care of cleveland
12:27 am
7-6 and the giants itching just as badly to get back to the bay. they kind of brushed off the padres 4-2. pence knocked a home run in that one. that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. ken, julie. >> they've had too much cactus juice. time to come home. >> no question about it. just over a month. too long and all the fans ready. let's play for real. >> let's talk about two different bay area teams. the giants after the world series and the a's nobody knows what's going on with that team. >> yeah as far as where they'll end up. >> the crowds they had a great year last year. they were having trouble until the end. >> i'm sure they're going to end up at the top of the standings. both teams look pretty shipshape. glad that came out right. >> good thing. >> thanks mark. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu's david stevenson is back tomorrow for round two of
12:28 am
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